Screws for Wood

Boost Your Efficiency with Our Fast Wood Screws

Trust L&B wood screws for reliable, high-quality results in every project. 

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Make Your Job Easier with L&B screw 

Experience L&B rapid drive for Maximum Efficiency


L&B screws are engineered for superior performance, offering unparalleled strength, precision, and ease of use. 


With advanced thread designs and high-quality materials, L&B screws provide exceptional holding power and prevent splitting, ensuring your projects are completed faster and more efficiently.

100% Made in Taiwan

Proudly produced in Taiwan, 

ensuring top-quality craftsmanship and reliability.

Superior Strength  

High-grade carbon steel for exceptional durability.

High-Speed Installation

With a drilling time of less than 

1 second, reducing project time. 

Precision Engineering

Manufactured with tight tolerances and high precision.

Screws for Wood